Reduce the preservatives in wine with so2go


This is a completely safe, tasteless and natural product, which reduces the preservatives in wine.  The reduction in the preservatives can help prevent side effects including headaches, flushing face, wheezing, stuffy nose, hives and other reactions to wine.  It can also be used in Champagne, beer & cider.

How does it work?

Each bottle or sachet contains an additive that winemakers frequently use in the winery as a sulphur (preservative) removal tool, during the production process.  You too can lower the free sulphur dioxide levels in your wine or Champagne, using this same additive.

Removing the sulphur dioxide levels will not affect the quality or flavour of your wine or Champagne. The handy 5ml spray bottle (great for glasses) or 3ml sachet (for a bottle sized dose) will fit easily into a pocket or handbag.

Simply add to wine just prior to drinking, swirl and enjoy.  Cheers!


The 5ml spray bottles are fully recyclable, so in keeping with our approach to sustainability, please do the right thing and recycle them! So2go is made in Australia and contains a dilute solution of food grade hydrogen peroxide.

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