Founder's Welcome

Welcome to KonaCoco!

I’m Jessica Broughton, the founder of KonaCoco. I founded the company in 2018, after spotting a significant gap in the Asian fashion industry. Having grown up in Sydney, Australia, I was used to purchasing independently designed fashion to suit my unique style.

Moving to tropical Singapore, I was frustrated by the limited accessibility to quality fashion options. I found Asia to be flooded with cheap and environmentally damaging fast fashion in uninspiring and poorly made copycat fashion. Everything was mainstream, flown halfway across the world, designed strictly to satisfy American or European trends and seasons, rarely catering to the needs of Asian customers.

Inspired to fill this void with something stylish and sustainable, I decided to spread my creative wings by creating the KonaCoco label - a destination for eclectic, flattering, stand-out styles, tailored especially for year-round tropical climates. I used the idea of co-creation to inject real life needs and wants into my designs by connecting closely with my clients and fellow designers and collecting their feedback.

Today, I’m proud that KonaCoco has become known for its personalised shopping experience and high-quality, wearable fashion choices that are ethically and sustainably made, while providing endless possibilities to be combined and restyled to match your evolving fashion needs. Our focus on sustainability is important to me and it fills me with pride that all our products are made in Asia at ethical production houses vetted by me.

In addition, every year we support a number of different relevant causes in multiple ways.  It's important for me to have a brand that is truly a global citizen. Some of those initiatives include mentoring female-led businesses, raising funds for communities where we run our production – especially during COVID, supporting a budding female artist in the Philippines with Down Syndrome, teen pregnancy charity BABES, as well as providing internships to fashion students.

It's that personal touch and global perspective that truly sets us apart. I hope you will feel inspired by your KonaCoco experience. With every purchase you are  truly making a difference.

I keep my doors open to anyone who would like to connect, so reach out and let’s connect via video!

Do something good for yourself.

Jess x