KonaCoco has been consciously driven from inception.  

In our Collection we only select International Independent Designers who use slow manufacturing methods and concentrate on natural and sustainable fabrics.  We often meet direct with designers and bear witness to their manufacturing and back office conditions.  Our focus is deliberately centred on premium design to ensure his level of quality and finishing, with little risk of cost cutting back to where it really matters, the people.

Our label, KonaCoco, is found on hand selected fabrics, and bespoke prints, using highly conscious choices with a focus on natural and sustainable fabrics and finishings.  We repel the use of plastics, opting for fully licensed and verified Lenzing fabrics (eg. The Meadow, Birdie skirt, Bella blouse and skirt and more) cottons and linens (eg our Luna Capsule).  Our collection features a number of limited editions manufactured with premium dead stock fabrics, the leftovers from other larger designer manufacturing.  Some examples of this are our Josie capsule and the Glitterbug series and our early Reverie gown which used archived fabric stocks.

We take great joy in rediscovering the old or 'left behind' and recreating something new.  The creative journey is not only fabulous but fulfilling.  

The reGLAM label takes new and unworn premium Independent designer clothing and upcycles it into more timeless designs, not only honouring the original designers skill and finesse but utilising every part of the garment leaving no waste.  We repurpose zippers and hardware, and keep scrap fabric for the next creations. reGLAM invites other designer to collaborate on up cycling projects in an effort to influence other more hesitant labels to 'dip their to in the water' of up cycling.

Every year KonaCoco reaches out to different causes, identifying highly relevant needs and supporting those in whatever way we can.  We have contributed to the BABES charity for teen pregnancy, foreign construction workers during the pandemic, balinese villagers subsistence packages and a fledging female artist who has Downs Syndrome in the Philippines through purchase of works and donations from our sales.

More recently we have played a part in Circularity Round tables and are undergoing an intensive sustainability focussed incubator.

Our journey is ever evolving and we look only to the future and what part we can play in making it more rewarding.