KonaCoco eyes International partners

As a very success full year draws to a close we turn our attention back to the rest of the world, able to take a good long look at the customers we have online and start to venture out to meet them in-country.

At the start of the pandemic our little label was growing rapidly, and was then tethered only by issues of expensive and unreliable global logistics.  But the demand kept coming.

This coming year we are planning to check into various countries round the world, listen to our local clients, meet new partners and exhale into the new post pandemic world.  So if you know someone who may be interested to meet us in Australia, the UK or the US, and of course SE Asia, then please do get in contact we'd love to hear from you.

If you miss seeing us around Singapore, don't worry we will be back and forth, and our dynamic superstar Christine will be happy to help you with all of your queries in our absence.

So, wishing everyone a truly beautiful, peaceful and healthy close to 2022 and please do stay in touch we really love hearing from you.

Jess Broughton, Founder