Reversible Lambs Leather Obi Belt by KonaCoco



This ultra luxurious soft sheep leather belt has been handmade by leading leather craftsmen to ensure quality and last.  It is lined with our bespoke digitally printed cotton on the bodice to wick moisture away from the body, and to provide a pop of colour when you want it.  This is a wardrobe perennial and is simple to style with almost any outfit.

Most pieces of this leather is made from deadstock leather leftover from handbags production and are made reversible for longer, more, wear whilst protecting the leather.

Made in standard 7cm width or 10cm width, there are a variety of different looks available.

There are 3 sizes with most preferring a larger size, giving a longer sash length.

Small 190cm long / Medium 200cm long / Large 210cm long


Place onto the abdomen, wrap around the body and insert one end into the loophole before tying in a style to suit your outfit.  Unlike other belts this may be adjusted over the course of the day and from outfit to outfit to achieve a comfortable fit.

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