Jaguar pleated sash by KonaCoco



The Pleated Sash in versatile black chiffon . A wardrobe basic for use as a sash or a shawl.
  • 1cm pleats across the centre section
  • Flat fabric at either end of the sash
  • Ready to wear
  • Sustainable deadstock fabric
  • Machine washable


Transform your wide legged pants and a simple camisole into an elevated look for entertaining by overlaying the sash over the waistband of the pants.  Gain maximum wears out of loose or fitted dresses by using the sash to cinch the look. Lay the pleated section against the abdomen and wrap the sash ends around the body to the back, or all the way around to the front, and tie in a half knot to use a sash belt.  Wrap the sash around the shoulders to use as a light shawl for coverage or for warmth in AC or breezy environments.
Care for at home to reduce dry cleaning chemicals where possible.  Cold handwash in Woolite or delicates liquid, or inside a mesh lingerie bag on a gentle cycle.  Do not tumble dry.  Ironing not necessary.

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