KonaCoco announces Circularity Vision at TBFI Demo Day

KonaCoco was selected by Singapore's Textile and Fashion federation (taff) this year to be one of only eight up and coming brands in Cohort 5 of their TBFI bridge fashion incubator scheme. 

At TBFI, a holistic approach is taken to the value chain, integrating technology, sustainability and design thinking to build new fashion, beauty and retail businesses that are better equipped for a constantly changing world.

Over the past four months our Founder and Lead designer, Jessica Broughton has undertaken intensive workshops and mentoring, with weekly pitching in order to refine and develop the KonaCoco business mission and better enable us to deliver on our vision.

We have been mentored by some of the industry's finest and most successful leaders including Cristina Ventura ex-LVMH and Apple, Harvard Business School mentors, Benoit Valin the head of the TBFI scheme, David Python CEO of Cariuma sustainable sneakers brand and many more.

Taff CEO Semun Ho (left) with Jess Broughton (middle) with Director Sustainability (Carolyn Poon, right) at the TBFI Demo Day

As we have reached 100% premium sustainable fabrics usage in our entire collection at KonaCoco, as well as launching an upcycled designer collection under our sub label reGLAM, we now endeavour to move more into the world of circular fashion meaning, recycling and upcycling of existing garments, cloth and materials into new goods, rather than producing solely in new virgin materials.  

It's in this series of projects an collaborations that we are mapping a whole new fashion ecosystem supporting the circular economy and championing a new sustainable ecosystem as yet unseen.

Your support of the KonaCoco label is paramount.  We adhere to strict quality and finishing standards, uphold sustainable guidelines not seen by many other premium brands in the market, and invite collaborators of all kinds to join us in our quest for defining a new fashion ecosystem and way of working for a better future.  

We don't subscribe to the thinking that experimentation and ground breaking needs to allow for substandard product, quite the opposite, and it's here you'll find our growth into accessible luxury and ever more sustainable options a delight.

So thank you for your ongoing support, your continued following does really matter.  And like us we ask you to be brave, and just incrementally and consciously change your consumption habits, choosing quality over volume, sustainable over synthetics, and supporting innovative brands like ourselves who are in turn supporting the development of a better way.