Devotion Twins - the ORIGINAL Greek label

DEVOTION TWINS focus on dreamlike fabrics, ethnic patterns, and authentic Greek craftsmanship. A winning formula that has seen many labels attempt to copy without success. 

Their designs provide the ultimate holiday, and an opportunity to dress up.  They are produced ethically and fairly in Greece, unlike many copycat labels. Athina Parnasa, the founder and designer of DEVOTION TWINS, was born in Athens in 1967 and still lives and works in the Greek capital. She named her collection after her twin sons. Designs that make women more beautiful, give them confidence and emphasize their femininity are Athina Parnasa's strength.

Perfectionism and creativity are reflected in the brand's characteristic style, which it consistently develops with each collection. "In 2001, we embarked on a wonderful journey into the fashion world, resulting in the DEVOTION TWINS brand in 2013. My goal is to design a modern collection at a high aesthetic level for all seasons.  Devotion Twins is part of a boho lifestyle that continues as an everyday fashion staple. In fashion, I have the ambition to recognize trends early and to cater to well-informed women. We have a strong bond with our customers, based on consistency, trust and mutual respect."



Greece resonates in all the label's designs: whether the typical patterns that are dyed in the studio in Athens or the top inserts – Athina Parnasa has put the textile tradition of the country in a modern context with DEVOTION TWINS. Embroidery and decorations, as they appear in Greek folklore, find their way into the designs. Clear lines, exciting colour combinations, harmonious patterns – DEVOTION TWINS is MADE IN GREECE.

Often sold out worldwide this label is sold in Singapore through KonaCoco since 2019 and has resulted in a  flurry of copycat labels in the market, which by all accounts fail to please the way Devotion Twins do.  These copycat labels are often made from frail and thinning fabrics, use low cost printed rather than woven fabrics, and are cut awkwardly so the fit is no longer complementary to the body.  No others seem to be able to master the original Ella design, attention to detail or high-end jacquard fabrics the way this label does.



KonaCoco is proud to showcase great further developments of well-known classics and completely new models so that even the longtime fans of the brand can experience a completely fresh style for DEVOTION TWINS - Great prints, new cuts, new colours, and lovingly executed details.  This further illustrates the design prowess of this covetable label.

This level of design and quality is what the KonaCoco Collection stands for - we only feature quality Independent designers such as Athina alongside our own label. In addition to their much loved Ella jacquard pattern, there are now two new styles of Jacquard to relish, and a handful of Greek city influenced retro style prints. Sizing has also been enhanced in this collection with the addition of an L (large) size to complement the popular XS, S, M sizing ranges. Only buy the ORIGINAL Devotion Twins label from KonaCoco and join our mailing list for our bespoke ordering service to be the first or only to wear some of their styles. We now open PRE-ORDER to all of our VIPs ahead of the market launch. Just register your free account now on and start creating your wishlists and orders to become our VIP. This collection is due to land in April 2021.  Stay tuned.  Pre-orders for VIPs are open with full prepayment, and exchange or credit is possible if the garment does not fit or please.