Boutique Fairs goes digital with KonaCoco

In June 2020 we were delighted to be invited to join Boutique Fairs online.  One of the effects of COVID that has been positive is the sudden lurch towards digitisation which can only mean wonderful things for all the emerging designers. If you’ve ever visited Singapore in March or November and experienced the joy of shopping the Boutique Fair at the F1 Pit Building, you’ll understand why this initiative is so exciting!  Charlotte Cain and her formidable team have carefully curated emerging brands in their new online marketplace. KonaCoco featured in their women’s dresses and multiple other sections for their launch edition and continues to be a proud member of this design community. So if you feel like a browse across emerging designers from the comfort of your own armchair then grab a drink, settle in and visit KonaCoco and our fellow designers:   We are always open to helping with queries and request no matter where you have seen our designs, and with the Boutiques marketplace this is no different.   Be sure to join our VIP list right here on our website to access first view of our upcoming collcetions, and be invited to VIP only events and offers.