Finding your personal style

Image source: BBC

Have you ever struggled to find your personal style? The paradox of choice can leave you feeling overwhelmed and can limit you to sticking with something in your comfort zone.

For the past year, while most of us stayed at home and interacted through Zoom, sweatpants and cosies became the unspoken dress code. But what better time to discover your personal style than now when we have the time! Discovering your sense of style can actually be a beautiful method of self-expression and defining your identity. Here are a few tips to find your own personal style!


  1. Purging your closet

Let’s begin with a wardrobe purge! Having so many options can be overwhelming. So before you begin buying new pieces for the summer, look through what you have and only keep the items you actually want to wear. Don’t we all have at least one piece at the back of our closet that doesn’t fit well or is in a print we hate, and think we might like later. Well, get rid of it!  You’ll realise how much easier it is to figure out your style if you get rid of things that don’t match your personality. But let’s be sustainable about it. Instead of throwing it in a bin, you can donate it or recycle it. We also work with preferred stylists - here's a suggestion: Eva of Style your fashion soul can help you with this unenviable challenge.


  1. Identifying the pieces you lack 

Now that you’ve gotten rid of things that you don’t like anymore, it’s time to identify the missing pieces. You might have pieces that don’t match with anything else in your wardrobe. Finding the right basics is key to defining your style and increasing wear out of your clothes. And no, basics don’t just mean boring white t-shirts and straight blue jeans. Basics could be anything that you can pair with other items in your wardrobe to get maximum wear. While shopping for basics, look for interesting design details and a good fit, since these are the pieces that you’ll be wearing regularly. Look at some of our versatile and timeless pieces that can be paired with different looks.



  1. Finding the right fit

You may find yourself falling into a plethora of different sizes across different brands. While this can be stressful, take your time with each piece you buy, and ensure you’re buying the size that fits you the best. And don’t be afraid to ask for a second opinion! KonaCoco's sizing is quite flexible and our silhouettes are flattering on every body type.


  1. Accessories, accessories, accessories!

A great way to elevate any look is to pick the right accessories. They can completely change the way a garment looks on the body and is an easy way to make your outfits more versatile. Our Leather Obi Belt is perfect to cinch your waist and change up the silhouette of your outfits.



Statement jewellery can also be a great way to take your outfit to another level and look more put together. Here’s some of our one-of-a-kind designer jewellery from brands- Klungsee and Erica Peña.



  1. Finding Inspiration around you

If you look around you, you can find inspiration everywhere. Next time you glance at a person across the street, and you like their style, ask yourself the right questions. What part of their outfit do you like? Do you see yourself wearing something similar, and what would you change and how can you incorporate it into your wardrobe? Finding inspiration within your environment can prove to be very rewarding if you observe and introspect.


  1. Look beyond trend cycles
Trend cycles go by so quickly nowadays and religiously following trends can be harmful not only to your wallet but to the environment as well. Instead, look for pieces that you are drawn towards, and analyse if they give you versatility and longevity. In a couple of months, when the world shifts to a new trend, you’ll be glad you bought a piece you still like wearing. If timeless and sustainable fashion is something you're into, look at  KonaCoco's sister brand reGLAM which repurposes & upcycles seasonal designer garments into timeless pieces. While finding your personal style can be stressful, remember to have fun with it! You’re discovering your identity and expressing yourself through your clothes and accessories. Don’t be overwhelmed by being slightly overdressed! Remember, it’s always better than being underdressed. You might find that putting that extra bit of effort into your looks can be therapeutic and make your day better. If you need any help with finding the right pieces for your wardrobe, you can always come in for a private styling session with us or bring your friends for a styling party! Book an appointment with us now!