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Missing your Bali holidays? Bali misses us too. We can help.

Living in Singapore we are very blessed to get the best of both worlds.  We live in the hub of Asia, connected to the rest of the world, and were used to travelling frequently for leisure.  With the onset of COVID and the shuttering of most of the world, our kind and spiritual friends in Bali are some of the worst hit in Indonesia.  With 70% of income generated by this green island coming from Tourism, and a great chunk of the remainder coming from the production of crafts and clothing, the Balinese have been hit very hard by this crisis.  Many Balinese have lost their jobs and are struggling to feed their families.

KonaCoco has been searching high and low for trusted partners in Bali offering aid to the Balinese to support and we are delighted to announce that in partnerhsip with ethically and spiritually led jewellery label #anandasoul we now have the opportunity to throw some smiles their way.

Based and living in Bali, the staff of Ananda Soul are paid to buy essentials, pick and pack and deliver monthly baskets of essentials such as rice, medicines and hygiene products to struggling families.  But they cant sustain the effort alone so we are reaching out to offer our help.  For the month of March KonaCoco will donate 5% of every sale made to this fund.

We make some of our premium clothing in Bali and many of our clients, whether based in Singapore, the Middle East, UK, USA or Australia tell us stories of their greatest holiday being on this beautiful island.  

This month,  5% of EVERY sale made on KonaCoco’s website will go fund the purchase of the contents content of the care packages and for them to be distributed amongst the families in the villages who are desperately in need. Each package could feed a family of 2 adults and 2 children (example contents listed below).

Each package of USD$60/SGD$81 feeds a family for a month and the team will be purchasing the following:

25 kg rice

2 liters cooking oil

1kg onions / shallots 

Mix off tumeric, ginger, chilies, lemongrass, lime 

1/2 kg noodles

2 kg vegetables

30 pcs eggs

1 kg tempeh or tofu

2 kg fruit

1 kg sugar

500 gr salt

500 gr peanuts




Hand sanitizer – donated by Leaf Juice Skincare

Facemasks made by a single mom in need

Feminine hygiene products


If there were a time to shop for good, this is a good excuse!  


Do something good for yourself AND another today


Jess x

Founder & Lead Designer



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